We don't store your data

Analytic products love to save as much of the data they can gather and our devices give a lot of data away. At DatabaseLog we don't support this policy and we take special care to not collect any more than absolutely necessary to run this service.

We believe in transparency, therefore here is a list of what we do and do NOT collect and store from you:

MongoDB data

We do NOT collect and store any of your mongoDB data

Your data is yours and yours only. We don't collect or store any.

The analytics data for metrics you created are always generated on run-time based on the following data we store:

  • Collection name (e.g. Users)
  • Date object on your collection items (e.g. createdAt) we use to generate graphs you see on your dashboard, to help you analyze data in selected period of time
  • Query (e.g. {verified: true}) we use to define your metric

MongoDB Connection String

We do collect and store your MongoDB connection string securely encrypted

Mongodb connection string allows us to access your database to retrieve data we use to help you monitor the performance with.

We recommend connecting using read-only user to only allow us read-only access. You can find tutorial on how to create read-only user here or contact us for help.